Blood Upon The Rose

by The ascension

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Six track EP.


released May 9, 2012



all rights reserved


The ascension Salford, UK

'The ascension'…..a band in and also out of time in a sense due to the obvious influence of socially conscious and ardently non conformist bands and writers of the past. Described as "brutally frank, angry, and politically astute" by Bob Osborne (Salford radio) and "Sounding like a modern day Joy Division and The Cure" by website 'The Manc Review'. ... more

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Track Name: Luminous
A glance at a stranger
an excerpt in time
an image forever frozen
now etched upon the mind
souls in drift in an ever moving ocean
exist in space for an instant
then fade into the distance

and we glow; and we glow as one
burning image under the sun

Lives entwined and interwoven
wind down and come undone
in a silent effortless motion
we let the memory linger
our love has been left sleeping
passing dreams in a forgotten scene
washed up on a silent shore
amongst the sand of time

Lyrics by Doug.
Track Name: Precipice
The dirty campaign of capital gain
no trace of conscious
no end to the chain
of profit over people
we accept the consequences
the blatant manipulation
again and again
(again and again)

We are the pawns
in their game
it's not acceptable to fulminate anymore
in this feudalistic regression
capitalist crime wave
relentless class war
(relentless class war)
line up on the precipice

You're a product of this age
production line personality
a serf earning a slave's wage
autonomous no more
line up on the precipice
look down and see the score
Track Name: Useless Gift
Seek no release nor relief
shower me in ten thousand soldiers mothers grief
keep those darker parts fed
natures withered pride cannot raise the dead

chorus 1:
myriad directions
with no destination
on the path we pass
rows of bodies still as glass
myriad directions
with no destination
on the path we pass
rows of bodies still as glass

stone cold faces without feeling
ignorant of hearing
echoes in the distance
of forgotten rapture
frail ghosts of weary slaves
pave the way onto their graves
in the end they've nothing left
nothing left to gain but pain...

chorus 2: the explaitation
of third world nations
raising funds for government vactions

slave confined to your cage
for which now you must pay
to waste your life away
for the profits of the chosen few
the apple has been eaten
you've had your share; your fill
your once solid pride now beaten

(repeat chorus 1)

lost in the transitory light
your sun is now descending
liberty a useless gift
to those unawakened by reason
lost in the transitory light
your sun is now descending
liberty a useless gift
Track Name: Cityscape
In a premonition I took a picture
of neon solitude
hollow glass structures
and steel skeletons
that cut through the skyline
the skies are scraped
by an architects passion and fortitude
now nature has been raped

Someone finds love
in this concrete latitude
someone finds love here

As the sun sets
this silhouetted backdrop
defines our journey so far
the bitter struggle for
present reverence or acceptance
descending into darkness
frozen for a moment
forever leaves a scar
Track Name: Blood Upon The Rose
Long gone those halcyon days
survivors left to scavenge on the waste
come follow the faithless shepherd
selling hope to the hopeless
step into their realm of dying dreams
where the dead march on to the beat of the war machine

Living in the shadow of a fallen nation
there's blood upon the rose
message from the new world
the private eye knows

The world seen through imperial eyes
sift through a history of lies
let's make believe a better land
or take one over and call it all God's plan
march over deserts, bloody the sand
new western structures built by the victors hand


Counterfeit money made by counterfeit people
in the name of a counterfeit God for a counterfeit reason
death, sin, money, power, wealth and corruption
there's a place for your blackened hearts in our manmade heaven
those who talk peace accuse them of treason
diluting your lies makes pale all good reason
pale all good reason
Track Name: The Rift
The gap is growing
the chasm is showing
the rift all consuming
all seeing all knowing
it's a slow divide
that won't stop
a cold wind that won't stop blowing
so mental capacity is slowing

with the shirt and tied minds
you collide
if you can't generate wealth you're
left outside
only the strongest competitors survive

In this world of physical culturists
corporate purists
financial contortionists
advertising propagandists
back slapping sycophantics
apathy is growing
awareness is still not free flowing


In this world of the progression abortionists
reality distortionists
we are there rhetoric absorbists
status quo insurists
most know the truth
but choose to ignore it
the erosion of real choices
the squandering of recourses